North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association

Post Meeting Announcment: 2012 Charlotte

2012 NACMPA Annual Meeting Summary

With more than 250 participants, the 18th NACMPA Annual Meeting was successfully held in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to NACMPA officers effort and local correspondents' great help, the 18th NACMPA Annual Meeting was well organized. We seated all the participants before the dinner, crowded but cozy. And most importantly, the food was great!

During the meeting, eligible NACMPA full members voted to select the future President-Elect and Treasurer. With majority advantage, Dr. Wu from Duke University and Dr. Yang from University of Mississippi became the President-Elect and the Treasurer. The statistics of the vote is listed in below.

Jackie Wu (144 votes)
Yie Chen (10 votes)
Bin Han (1 votes)

Claus Yang (133 votes)
Di Zhang (3 votes)

Congratulations to Dr. Wu and Dr. Yang for their winning! They will be in office starting Jan. 1st, 2013. We also would like to thank Yie Chen, Bin Han, and Di Zhang for their participation. To run for public service is not a win-or-loss game. Everyone has the willingness to contribute to our society as a public servant is our hero and is a winner! Therefore, our congratulations also go to Yie Chen, Bin Han, and Di Zhang! And to all of the NACMPA full members, please consider yourself invited to run for the future officers of NACMPA.


The current NACMPA officers would like to say "Thank you!" to the following individuals/groups for their help to make such a successful meeting possible.
NACMPA local correspondence: Jackie Wu, for her tasty pick on the authentic restaurant!
Duke students/residents: Hao Li, Taoran Li, Yun Yang, You Zhang for their dedicated help on transportation arrangement, on-site registration, and guest seating!
Our sponsors for their financial support!
All the participants for their participation!