North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association

Annual Meeting


Dear NACMPA member:

You are invited to the annual meeting of the North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association (NACMPA) in Pittsburgh. The annual event has been held in local Chinese restaurants traditionally. It provides opportunities for us to meet old friends and make new friends. This year we have reserved the Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant which is within walking distance from the AAPM headquarter hotel.

Place: Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant
YWCA Building
305 Wood St.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-6151.

Time: 6:00PM on Wednesday, July 28th, 2004.

To allow us to manage the annual dinner meeting better, we would appreciate it if you could pre-register by sending your reservation before the deadline July 18th, 2004 to:

Haoran Jin, Ph.D.
Secretary of NACMPA

In your email letter please enter your name , number of adults and children and total amount for the dinner. You can use the sheet below to calculate the total amount you need to pay to NACMPA. We will collect the money onsite before the dinner. We offer a half price discount for pre-registered members. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the annual NACMPA social event in Pittsburgh.

Adults (13 or above): $10 (Pre-registered) X ___________ = $_________

Children (5 to 12): $5 (Pre-registered) X ____________ = $ ________

TOTAL: $_________

All invited guests are free.


Haoran Jin, Ph.D.
Secretary of NACMPA

NACMPA web page:

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Meeting Agenda

Map to restraurant


Latest Weather Forecast for Pittsburgh

Latest information will be posted on the Re-union Bulletin Board near the registration booths. There will not be additional information available near the registration booths as in previous years. Please print this page and retain it for use.

Last update: May 11, 2004

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