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NACMPA is the North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association. NACMPA is a scientific, educational, and professional organization devoted to the field of physics in medicine and biology. The information provided in this website is offered for the benefit of its members and the general public.

22nd NACMPA Annual Meeting Agenda, Washington DC, 2016

21th NACMPA Annual Meeting

The 21th NACMPA annual meeting was successfully held in Anaheim , California on July 15, 2015. With 250 physicists, vendors, and their families getting together in the best local Chinese restaurant; We are sure everyone had a great memorable night. During the meeting, we elected NACMPA's future secretary and member-at-large. Dr. Jing Cai from Duke University Medical Center and Dr. Brian Wang from University of Louisville Medical Center will respectively serve as the secretary and the member-at-large of NACMPA from January of 2016 to December of 2017. Congratulations to both of them! Meanwhile, we will give our sincere appreciation to Dr. Wei Zhou from New Jersey Cancer Institute and Dr. An Liu from City of Hope Medical Center of California for their courage and dedication to run for the NACMPA officers. It is an honor to serve! It is an honor being willing to serve! We also give our special thanks to our local organizer Dr. An Liu for helping organize this great dinner party.

NACMPA officers would like to thank all the attendees and our sponsors to make this great event happen. We also would like to thank our volunteers who helped to setup the restaurant and guide our guests.

Jackie Wu, Ph.D.
President, NACMPA

Hualin Zhang, Ph.D.
Secretary, NACMPA

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Best Paper in 2015

"Dose Reduction to the Scalp with Hippocampal Sparing Is Achievable with IMRT"
IJMPCERO Vol. 3(3)

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Hall of Fame 2015

Chang Ming Charlie Ma, Ph.D.
Hall of Fame Recipient

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Best Service Award 2015

Claus Chunli Yang, PhD
NACMPA Treasurer

2016 Sponsors


2016 Annual Dinner at 1100 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209