International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology

19th NACMPA Annual Meeting Summary


The 19th NACMPA annual meeting was successfully held in Indianapolis, IN on August 7th, 2013. With 256 physicists, vendors, and their families getting together in the best local Chinese restaurant; I am sure everyone had a great memorable night. During the meeting, we elected NACMPA's future Secretary and Member-in-large. Dr. Hualin Zhang from Indiana University and Dr. Jie Shi from Sun Nuclear Inc. will serve as the Secretary and the Member-in-Large of NACMPA from Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2015. Congratulations to both of them! Meanwhile, we will give our sincerely appreciation to Dr. Yi Rong from Ohio State University and Dr. Fanqing Guo from Yale University for their courage and dedication to run for the NACMPA officers. It is an honor to serve! It is an honor being willing to serve!

NACMPA officers would like to thank all the attendees and our sponsors to make this great event happen. We also would like to thank our volunteers who helped to setup the restaurant and guide our guests. Our sincerely thanks go to:
Dr. Xiaoyi Lu (Indiana University)
Dr. Peng Zhou (Indiana University)
Dr. Huisi Ai (Indiana University)
Dr. Xu Han (Indiana University)
Dr. Guang Jia (Louisiana State University)
Dr. Xiaohu Mo (21st Centry Oncology)
Dr. Stephen Yip (MGH)
Dr. Ting Chen (Rutgers)

See you in 20th NACMPA meeting in Austin of Texas on 7/23/2014!