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NACMPA is the North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association. NACMPA is a scientific, educational, and professional organization devoted to the field of physics in medicine and biology. The information provided in this website is offered for the benefit of its members and the general public.

北美华人医学物理师协会,英文缩写NACMPA,创建于1995年美国波斯顿。它是在北美的华人医学物理师建立的非盈利组织。其建立宗旨是:促进对医学物理的建设,提高医学物理的水平,给北美的医学物理师建立友谊和科学的桥梁,并通过协会活动进行学术交流。自创建以来,先后举办了多次在中国大陆 ,台湾,东南亚等各地的年会,对在世界各地的华人医学物理师的学术交流起到了极大的促进作用。协会目前有800多注册会员,并有自己的网站,公众号,固定的年会,以及同中国及东南亚多个物理师协会的强力合作,为世界医学物理的建设贡献了自己应有的力量。


June 2024

  • The 66th AAPM annual meeting will be held in Los Angeles, CA this year. NACMPA dinner meeting details can be found here.

February 2024

  • Happy Chinese New Year to all members! 祝新春快乐,龍行龘龘!

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