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2019 Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX


President’s Corner

The North American Chinese Medical Physicist Association, NACMPA, first published their Newsletter in 2016 and has been a source of information for all NACMPA activities and items of interest to its members. The NACMPA Newsletter contains timely information on research, events and relevant products with the articles written in both English and Chinese. This is done to help foster better communication, collaborations and friendships, not only among the NACMPA members in North America, but to expand these relationships to all Chinese Medical physicists throughout the world. In addition, starting from this issue, all articles that are written in Chinese will include an English abstract to engage those NACMPA members that are not fluent in the Chinese language.

First and foremost, I would like to recognize Chengyu Shi and Dengsong Zhu, who have both completed 2 extraordinary years of service to NACMPA. Chengyu Shi is completing his term as a board member-at- large and Dengsong is concluding his position as board secretary at the end of 2019. Their contributions to the organization have been widely recognized. Please join me in thanking them both for their continued commitment to serving our Medical Physics community.

This year our annual meeting at the AAPM conference was held in San Antonio, Texas on July 17, 2019. Thanks to the organization committee, made up of ExCom and active NACMPA members, the meeting was a huge success. In August 2019, NACMPA also sponsored and participated in the 2019 Chinese Medical Physics annual meeting which was organized by the Physics Group of Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology (CSTRO-PG) and was held in Zhengzou, China. This meeting involved NACMPA delegations, including six invited speakers, all of whom presented on the latest developments in radiation oncology physics. They were very well received and it helped facilitate strong scientific exchanges and collaborations between members of CSTRO-PG and NACMPA.

2019 was another successful year for NACMPA and the collective efforts of all members of ExCom, in addition to the support from my NACMPA colleagues, is greatly appreciated. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as this year’s NACMPA President and I look forward to meeting you all in Vancouver, Canada for the 2020 NACMPA annual meeting.




Zhigang (Josh) Xu, Ph.D.

NACMPA President


2019 Sponsors

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